Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breaking Pangaea - Cannon To A Whisper CD

Breaking Pangaea was one of those bands from the early 2000's that every kid in the central PA punk scene was in love with. Probably because they were somewhat local (Downingtown). Or maybe because they were just that damn good.

"Cannon to a Whisper" was their debut full length album on Undecided Records (UR18). Released in 2001. Mixing a blend of emo and indie, this CD is just awesome. This album reached #23 on the college music charts as well. Most of the band members went on to bigger things. Such as Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, and Safari So Good.

They also released a few EP's as well which are good, but in my opinion not as great as this.

The song "Wedding Dress" was featured on the CMJ New Music February Volume 99 compilation CD.

1.Sick Day
2. Wedding Dress
3. Suspended
4. Skylight
5. For A Word
6. The New Sound
7. ...And Still They Hated It
8. Part
9. Walrus
10. Turning


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