Sunday, July 29, 2012

Just a little update for the masses

Not sure if anybody reads this still or not, but I am taking a temporary hiatus from this here blog. My updates have become less and less frequent, but it is not like I have lost all interest in it. This computer I have has been sludging and dodging for the past year or so and I keep putting off getting a new one. Well its time. I am hoping to get another one within the next week or so. And hopefully it wont take 4 hours to update the blog! Yeah, see why I stopped doing it?

Anyways I am typing up and adding my entire music collection to Just to keep track of the damn thing. Its a work in progress, but feel free to head over there and take a gander. And suggestions on future entries would be great!

Also, I will probably be changing the name of the blog, or starting a new one. I'm not sold on the title anymore. I'm leaning towards "Chairshot To The Skull". Thoughts?

Keep posted!

Go to and search for Chairshotrecords. Thats me!

or just got here.....

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