Saturday, June 5, 2010

V/A - 2003 Teenbeat Sampler CD

Some of you might be wondering where in the hell I have gone. The answer is simple. Nowhere. I have tried uploading this album a couple of times and it seems to take forever. Almost 3 hours! Maybe my internet just sucks. Fuck it.

I got this release about a year ago when I purchased a large CD lot (about 150 CD's) off of the Knock Knock Records pop punk board. It was mostly pop punk and I was hesitant to give this a listen.

And for some reason, I found it really good. In an odd "I have to listen to this while driving RT 15 at night" sorta way. Its mostly indie / electronic stuff. Is there a term to describe this type of music? Probably. I just havent figured it out yet.

Released on Teenbeat Records in 2003. The catalog # is 341. It's a little different than most of my other entries, but I hope you give it a listen.



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