Monday, July 11, 2011

The Assistant / The Scarlet Letter - Split 7"

ARTIST: The Assistant / The Scarlet Letter
TITLE: Split
LABEL: Alone Records
YEAR: 2001
PRESSING INFO: Released on clear vinyl, and on black vinyl.

Now it's time for a release for all the screamo fans out there. And not that wimpy whinny shit that plagues the air waves. I'm talking chaotic, fast, poetic, emotional hardcore. And Alone records did it just as good as anybody else.

I picked this up for $3.99 (obviously) at a record store in Philly. Not sure which one though. Probably Repo or something.

The Assistant contribute 1 track to this release. A little over 5 minutes long, but a great screamo track. The Scarlet Letter add a few more. These are more fast hardcore than anything, but are still great.

This was released on black vinyl and on clear vinyl. I am unsure of how many were pressed of each. Also released with a bunch of inserts.

A) The Assistant - Bubblegum Cigars
B) The Scarlet Letter
1. Fifteen Greasy Tubs Of Ribs & The Leather Wallet Conspiracy
2. A Hollow Threat
3. How Is That Fat Muffin-Assed Bastard?
4. Debacle Sound
5. Footprints In The Sand

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