Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pick ups from this weekend

I headed up to Megatronix in York PA this weekend. Its this old barn that was turned into a junk/eletronic/adult video store. I guess they ran out of room for their vintage porno VHS so all CDs were only 1 cent each. Yea pretty crazy. So after going through all the CDs they had, I came out with 19. Most of them I just grabbed because it sounded somewhat punk or power pop. That or the artwork intrigued me. And for 1 cent, who cares?

Breaking Pangaea - Cannon to a Whisper ( I knew what this was, and its great)
Bullet Lavolta - Gimme Danger (on Metal Blade)
Chaselounge - Mayday, Roger the Radio (had a sticker from a radio station saying it was power pop in the vein of Weezer.)
Cycomotogoat - Braille (it had boobs on the cover, although fake)
Elephant Factory - Suspended Over Seas (I'm not sure why I grabbed this)
Even The Odd - S/T (Wasnt sure about this one. Self released)
Felt Side Out - Tinted Shades of You (From York. Sounds like punk kids trying to be mainstream hard rock. And they scream. Also not very good)
Grand Drive - S/T (sealed, the sticker said it had hooks and melody. Guess I'll have to find out)
Light The Fuse And Run / Transistor Transistor - Split (On Level Plane)
Mighty Purple - Live (Listening to it now. Kinda like a indie/soft rock sound. Not very good)
Reptile - Fame and Fossils (It looked like old school thrash metal artwork. But when I got home, I read that there is banjos and marimbas in the music. I suppose it isnt metal)
Silent Majority - You Would Love to Know (sealed, on Initial Records)
Steve Abee - Jerusalem Donuts (I'm not sure why I picked this up)
Quarterbone - Fear (2001)
The New Grand - Incognito (1998)
Transistor Transistor - Wolves (on Level Plane)
Vanashing - Still Lifes Are Failing (on GSL)
Victory At Sea - The Dark is Just the Night (they thanked June of 44 and Jejune in the credits so I decided to give it a spin)
V/A - Second Thoughts (had Cursive and Bright Eyes on it)

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