Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Atom And His Package - A Society Of People Named Elihu CD

ARTIST: Atom and His Package
TITLE: A Society of People Named Elihu
LABEL: Mountain / Suzuki Beane
YEAR: 1997
GENRE: electronic punk??
PRESSING INFO: 9000 pressed. Gate fold style CD case.

I don't care what anybody says, I love Atom and His Package. His brand of fun melody driven electronic pop punk has got my 2 thumbs up. I have most of his albums, and I'm working on the 7 inchers

I bought a huge lot of CD's (150 of them suckers) off of the Knock Knock pop punk board a few years ago and it had this in it. Along with 2 other Atom and His Package CD's. This is the second release. It also features a song by Fracture (really good). I have no idea how to put this into a genre. Electro-melodic-pop-punk??

Anyways, I love this CD and I hope you do too. Everybody pretty much knows who this guy is, so I'll spare the regular crap about a history, discography..ect....Also, the reason I'm not going to put the other albums of his I have on here, is because they are easily available on either the labels page, or on interpunk. This seems OOP.

1. Punk Rock Academy
2. Happy Birthday Ralph
3. Goalie
4. 80's Bastard
5. People In This Computer Lab Should Shut The Hell Up
6. Waiting Room
7. Jenny S.
8. Philadelphia
9. Meatball
10. Happy Birthday General
11. Sting Cannot Possibly Be The Same Guy Who Was In The Police
12. Me And My Black Metal Friends
13. 180 lbs
14. Break Down The Walls
15. You Took Me By Surprise
16. Reset The Crotchelator
17. Connor, Welcome
18. No Head
19. Pat And Atom Are Friends
20. No Way DNA


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Hey man...I saw your posts about comps that Slappy was on. Shoot me an email and I can hook you up with all our stuff.