Wednesday, November 16, 2011

22 Jacks / Mess - Split 7"

ARTIST: 22 Jacks / Mess
TITLE: Split
LABEL: Last Beat Records
YEAR: 1997
PRESSING INFO: Only Pressed on clear green vinyl

I picked this up for $1 at Double Decker Records earlier in October during my trip to the Allentown records fair. I had heard 22 jacks before but I have never heard Mess before.

22 Jacks was a sort of super group. With members of The Breeders, Face To Face, Wax, The Adolescents, and Royal Crown Revue. Sounds like a damn fin line-up if you ask me

And Mess is actually Darlington, performing as Mess.

The 22 Jacks song is great, as always. The Mess side is good, but I'm not really a big fan of the song Five-O. Still a nice pop punk/power pop release.

I did some research and it seems this was only pressed on clear green vinyl. Not sure how many were pressed.


22 Jacks
1. Passport

1. You're A Drag
2. Five-O

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Marc L. said...

Mess changed their name to Darlington if you ever heard of them. Also 22 Jacks are one of my favorite bands (Wax was awesome too)