Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend pick ups!

So today I was planning on updating this blog with an LP of some oldies, but I bought a bunch of records and wanted to share with everyone.

The local college radio station, WZBT 91.1, had a record sale this weekend. It has been going on since Thursday and I only found out about it today. 50 cents a record or 5 for $2.00. I didn't think I was going to find much, but boy was I wrong!

Blue Angel - Blue Angel (Polydor 1980..Cyndi Lauper's old band)

Ceilings Below - Ceilings Below (After Hours 1986)
Channel 3 - Airborne (Enigma 1984)
Chaos U.K. - The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes (Weasel Records 1989)
Couch Flambeau - Ghostride (It's Only A Record 1989)
Crocidile Shop - Head (Susstones 1987)

Dean Ray - The Earth Stood Still (San Andreas 1984, promo)

Fear of Strangers - S/T (Faulty 1982)
Feedtime - Shovel (Rough Trade 1986)
Fuel - S/T (Sixth International 1990)
Full Fathom Five - The Cry of a Falling Nation (Link 1987)

Gang Green - Older (Roadrunner 1989, promo)

Ism - A Diet for the Worms (SIN 1983)
Jane Wiedlin - S/T (IRS 1985, promo)

Last Stand- Approved Cuts (One Way 1986)
Leaving Trains - Transportational D. Vices (SST 1989)
Ludichrist - Powertrip (Combat 1988)

Pigbag - Dr Heckle And Mr Jive (Stiff 1982)
Pink Holes - Breakfast With The Holes (Eldo Farms 1985)
Prime Movers - Matters of Time (Throbbing Lobster 1984)
Pushtwangers - Strangler From Behind (Relativity 1986)

Radwaste - Cooking and Nothingness (Happy Squid)
RF7 - Fall In (Smoke Seven 1982)
Rhythm Pigs - Choke On This (Mordam 1987)
Rhythm Pigs - S/T (Mordam 1986)

Slammin Watusis - Kings of Noise (Epic 1989)
Slapshot - Step on It (Taang
Soul Asylum - One Way Conversation (A&M 1990)
Soul Asylum - Standing in the Doorway (A&M 1988, 12" single)
Splendor Head - Mirth (CFY)
SWA - XCIII (SST 1987)

The Accused - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral (Combat 1987)
The Buck Pets - The Buck Pets (Island 1989)
The Darling Buds - Pop Said (Columbia 1988)
The Micronotz - 40 Fingers (Homestead 1986)
The Nils - S/T (Rock Hotel
The Pop - Go! (Arista 1979, promo)
The Railway Children - Native Place (Virgin 1990, UK pressing)
The Railway Children - S/T (Virgin 1987, promo)
The Service - Head Vs Wall (Pravda 1990)
Those Melvins - Elmer Season
Three Legged Dog - Loaded (Bomp 1990)

U.S. Mods - Station 7 (1988)

Victims Family - White Bread Blues (Mordam 1990)

V/A - 12" Combo Deluxe (Popllama 1986, comp with Young Fresh Fellows, Red Dress, The Terrible Decisions...)
V/A - Big City's One Big Crowd (Big City, comp with Unjust, Armed Citizens, Ultra Violence...)
V/A - Hog Butcher for the World (Mad Queen 1987, comp with Bloodsport, God's Acre, Mojo Wishbean & Trippy Squashblossum...)
V/A - Ten of a Kind (RCA 1988, Comp with Gunbunnies, Titanics, Lazy Susan...)
V/A - The Decline of Western Civilization (Slash 1980, comp with Black Flag, Germs, Catholic Discipline...yellow label)
V/A - Detroit Music Scene Volume 1 (Nebula 1988, Comp with Scott Campbell, See Dick Run, Beer on the Penguin...)
V/A - The Enigma Variations (Enigma 1985, Comp with Screamin Sirens, The Jet Black Berries, Naked Prey...)
V/A - Essential Attitudes Vol. 2 (Frantic 1987, Comp with Jim Ball and the Suits, Beyond Words, Exibit A...)
V/A - Fresh Sounds From Middle America #3 (Fresh sounds 1986 Comp with Psychic Archie, Vow Bulows, Homestead Grats...)
V/A - Hanging Out at Midnight (Midnight International 1986, comp with The Mighty Mofos, The Wind, Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation...)
V/A - I Love The Smell of Napalm (Rough Trade 1986 (comp with Primal Scream, Biff Bang Pow!, The Jasmine Minks...)
V/A - Lovedolls Superstar (SST 1986, comp with Redd Kross, The Lovedolls, Black Flag...)
V/A - Luxury Condos (Coyote, comp with The Wygals, Rage To Live, Trigger & The Thrill Kings...)
V/A - Mental Floss (WRSU, comp with TMA, Catharsis, Need State...)
V/A - Mr Beautiful Presents All Hard (Modern Method 1985, comp with The FU's, Prime Movers, Gang Green...)
V/A - Off The Board (CBGB, Comp with Damage, Tulpa, Jing...)
V/A - Rotten to the Core (SIN 1982, comp with Ism, Squirm, Butch Lust and the Hypocrites...)
V/A - San Jose Is Ground Zero (Petroleum 1986, comp with A Cruel Hoax, The Social Club, The Kingpins...)
V/A - Squares Blot Out the Sun (DB 1990, comp with Pylon, The Fans, Jack Heard...)
V/A - They Pelted Us With Rocks and Garbage (1985, comp with Spike in Vain, Offbeats, Dark...)
V/A - Towers of New London (VSR 1985, comp with Vacant Lot, Paisley Jungle, The Reducers...
V/A - Unsigned (Epic 1987, comp with Green, New Salem Witch Hunters, The Worms...)
V/A - We Three Bings (Vital Music, comp with Rats of Unusual Size, Lily Braindrop and the Yeastie Girlz, vinyl)


veganboyjosh said...

the Blue Angel and Decline soundtracks alone would have been a major score in my book.

love big finds like that.

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

Yea it was pretty amazing. A lot of good punk and power pop