Tuesday, November 11, 2008

V/A - Go On Dive In CD

V/A - Go On Dive In (In at the Deep End Records 2002) CD

I love comps. No doubt about it, comps are the best way to hear new music, and bands you may have never knew about. And whenever I have a chance to listen to, or buy a comp, I usually do it. Here is one all the way from the UK. I got this back when it was first released. I contacted them about possibly buying some stuff for my distro and the sent me this for free. After that the distro went on hiatus and I never got a chance to wholesale their goods. Anyways this is a great sampler with screamo, pop punk, indie, metal and straight up punk. This label had it all! The best songs IMO are #3, 6, 8, and 9.

PRESSING INFO: Given away for free back in 2002. All you had to do was ask them for one. Released on In at the Deep End Records. The CD is a blank label CD with just a small sticker on it.

1. And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - Pinned Down & Under Fire
2. Beecher - Megadrive vs Snes
3. The Killerest Expression - Sid's Song
4. The Osterman Weekend - Milestone
5. The Devils - Ewan's Song
6. The Lief Ericsson - Sleeping With My Friends
7. Steel Rules Die - A Mile A Minute
8. Send More Paramedics - Zombified
9. Lovejunk - Ethan & Emma
10. Jailcell Recipes - Arm Twister
11. The Wireless Stores - The Speed of Sound


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