Monday, March 16, 2009

Kerosene 454 - Blown Clean 7" 1994

ARTIST: Kerosene 454
TITLE: Blown Clean
LABEL: Firepower Products
CATALOG: Unknown
YEAR: 1994
GENRE: Early Emo
PRESSING INFO: Black vinyl

I picked this up at City Lights Records in State College PA a few years ago. I had never heard this bands music, but read that they were one of the fathers of the emo genre. I think I paid something around 2 or 3 bucks for it. I thought it was a decent record, although not something I would get to crazy about. They were a staple in the DC emo scene between 1993-1998. They also released a few other 7"s and a few LP's as well. Later on they started to get better and chruned out some great post-hardcore stuff.

You probably can find this release at a record store or ebay for under $5. I recomend picking it up.

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