Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Presidents - Ca Plane Pour Moi CD

Here is another piece from my Presidents collection. I am trying to get everything they have ever released. And will be posting parts of my collection up here. Especially the rare pieces.

This came in a cardboard sleeve with no insert. The title track is a cover of Plastic Beltran. The other 3 songs were previously released on their self titled album. Seems hard to find, but not valuable. Around $4-$6

PRESSING INFO: Released in France in 1996 on Columbia records.

1. Ca Plane Pour Moi
2. Feather Pluckn (Live)
3. Boll Weevil (live)
4. Dune Buggy (live)


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pusafan.net said...

have fun collecting pusa , by the way there are 3 versions of this cd
1.)2 track
2.)4 track
3.)plain card with sticker (promo),
for a "one hit wander" there are hundreds of cd's tapes vinyl and minidisks visit pusafan.com his site is really informative i am pusafan.net my page is out of date i post to my face book page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pusafan/127740810628077 regularly with new items to my collection . have fun collecting , hope to trade with you some day :)