Thursday, December 10, 2009

5Driver - Self Proclaimed Rock Stars CD

ARTIST: 5Driver
TITLE: Self Proclaimed Rock Stars
LABEL: Negative Progression Records
YEAR: 1998
GENRE: Melodic punk / pop punk

I have added another release to the blog that is among one of my favorite albums. This is usually on heavy rotation in my vehicle when I make those long winter trips. No reason really. It's just a really good album. I purchased this on eBay about 2 years ago for $4. It was used and I already owned their 7" (which was limited to 100 copies) and I had to get this.

I would put this in the pop punk category. But also in the melodic punk category. Imagine if Good Riddance grew up listening to old Blink 182. There ya go!

1 Square Pegs Round Holes
2 Cool Guy
3 Moderation
4 Self Proclaimed Rock Stars
5 Prodigal Son
6 Relapse
7 All That I Am
8 6-18
9 Rejection
10 Pantyhose
11 Your Fault
12 My Love

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Any Idea who the front man is ?
Sounds really formilliar.
Cant find anything on the web bout this band. No Wiki site and no Bio...