Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Stump Wizards - Official Fan Club Record Release 7"

ARTIST: The Stump Wizards
TITLE: Official Fan Club Record Release
LABEL: Get Hip Recordings
YEAR: 1990
PRESSING INFO: Only pressed on clear red vinyl. But has been repressed a few times.

Wow, 2 updates in 2 days! I'm on a roll now. This is what boredom and 3 inches of snow will do to a person. Enough about my pathetic uneventful life, on to the music!

The Stump Wizards were a little punk band that had somewhat of a following around the Harrisburg PA area. They were from Camp Hill PA to be exact. They were around for a couple of years. I believe 1989-1993. This could be wrong. They also released 3 other 7" as far as I know, and an LP titled Smokestack which was released on CD, LP, and cassette. As far as compilation appearances go, they were on Self Mutilation Volume 3 (Hippy Knight Records 1993), and Set it on Fire (a tribute to the scientists)

This little 7" release was picked up at Repo Records on my first annual trip to South Street in Philadelphia. for 99 cents it wasn't a bad pick up. 2 songs total, like a normal 45 from the time. “Too Young To Die” takes on an almost bluesy flavor while the flip ventures into heavy mid-tempo funk. Side A was also originally done by Sonny Boy Williamson. You can still pick up this release at Get Hip Recordings for $3.99. So if you like it, go buy it!


planckzoo said...

I really liked this band, they had a few more singles and a couple of albums as well, all are worth a listen.
STUMP WIZARDS Six After Seven-on Bona Fida

THE STUMP WIZARDS Smokestack LP on skyklad/get hip
Waxy Yellow Buildup- an all covers album that came out in 95 on sympathy for the record industry.
They also did a couple of more singles.

J-fatty said...

They were around from at least '86 until 2000

Anonymous said...

They also formed Deep Reduction with Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman and later joined by Rob Younger as well. Deep Reduction has to albums on Get Hip.