Sunday, December 13, 2009

Record pick ups for this weekend

What a weekend! On Friday I took the day off of work and headed up to New Jersey to see The Gaslight Anthem. Of course I had to stop at Double Decker Records in Allentown for about 30 minutes on the way. Gaslight was amazing! I can't wait to hear their new material.

Saturday was my annual trip to Philadelphia to see CZW's Cage of Death 11. Since we make a whole day out of it, of course I hit up the local record stores. Since I was short on cash I only ended up going to the Philly Record Exchange, and Repo Records. And here is my buys from this weeked!

King for a Day - S/T (Initial Records 1997. Black vinyl)
My Pal Trigger - The Riverview Mentality (black vinyl. 1996.
My Pal Trigger - Two Miles From Nowhere (death squad records. black vinyl)
Pegboy - Live Amputation (1991. Green vinyl.
Plan a Project - Use Your Head (13 Roacho 1996. Black Vinyl)
Slinky - Overloaded (#205. White cover. Black vinyl)
The Gaslight Anthem - Senor and the Queen 2x7" (gatefold on black. Sabot Records. Black Vinyl)
What Happens Next? - Ahora Mas Que Nunca (black vinyl)
Whatever - Deep (1993 Black vinyl)
Antiseen / Hellstomper - Keep it Flying split (white vinyl. Wrestling cover)
Operation: Cliff Clavin / The Max Levine Ensemble - Split (pink marble vinyl.
V/A - Sasquatch (Kirbdog Records. Comp with victims family, schlong, moral crux, cringer, nuisance, nomeansno)
V/A - Shreds (Shredder Records 1988. Comp with Crimpshrine, gail & the fudgepackers, bo, special forces. 1000 pressed on clear red)

The Padded Cell - S/T (Black vinyl. Dead Beat Records)
V/A - Achtung Drei Chicago! (black vinyl. 1995 comp with mushuganas, aya, the geezers, slapstick, vic vacuum and the attachments, houseboy, apostles on strike, pinwheel, my foolish halo, lunkhead, urbn dk, oblivion, scary monsters, lynyrd's innards, tricky dick, herbal flesh tea, nostrilsaurus, beardicus enormous
V/A - Back from the Grave Volume 7 (2xLP on black. RARE 1960's punk)
V/A - The Big Itch Volume 2 (rare and weird rockibilly, garage and rock)


Karl Bakla said...

I like that Padded Cell tune that goes "Hold On Wolf" man o' man another band I haven't heard in years. Remember when they got in to a fight with that other band (Dick Army?) that had their own label called Paded Cell, pretty funny stuff

veganboyjosh said...

you ever rip and post that plan a project record?