Sunday, September 27, 2009

V/A - The Fearless Flush Sampler CD (1997)

ARTIST: Various
TITLE: The Fearless Flush Sampler
LABEL: Fearless Records
YEAR: 1997
GENRE: Punk, Pop Punk, Hardcore

It seems these blog entries are getting farther and farther apart. Thats ok, I still have a never ending supply of great music for the masses to hear.

A few years ago (probably like 8 or so) I was at a punk show in Mechanicsburg at a community center. For the life of me I cannot seem to remember the name! Anywho, there was a band from CT that had a HUGE box of CD's for sale at $2 a pop. I ended up pulling out this CD, and A Tribute To Your Mom (which I'll post in this blog eventually). He didnt have any change for my $10, so I ended up buying these for $1 a piece. Rare OOP compilations always make me smile. This compilation started my search for the elusive Drunk in Public full length (which I posted in this blog earlier). Its a great comp with some unreleased songs.

Fearless Records was a great label until they started releasing those horrible "punk goes....whatever is trendy this week" cover compilations.

1. Chuck - Punk Rock In Your Face
2. Glue Gun - The Scene Is Not For Sale
3. Strung Out - Jacqueline
4. 30footfall - Punk Rocks In Yer Head
5. Straight Faced - Convictions
6. Blount - Discouragement
7. Drunk In Public - Everyday
8. Bigwig - 1-800-Whipped
9. White Kaps - Dork
10. Dead Lazlo's Pl. - Waiting For Armo
11. Grabbers - Better Life
12. Strung Out - Season Of The Witch
13. Glue Gun - Life Sentence
14. Chuck - Armistace Day
15. Straight Faced - Regret
16. Blount - Time Spent
17. White Kaps - Disco Ball
18. Bigwig - Old Lady
19. Drunk In Public - Dreaming
20. Grabbers - Thanks
21. Straight Faced - Standing On The Edge
22. Dead Lazlo's Pl. - PB&J
23. White Kaps - Date Rape
24. 30footfall - Dancing With Myself