Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recent Vinyl Pick Ups

Our band got booted off the show in Lancaster PA tonight. Fuck the Chameleon Club. So instead I went to Mr. Suit records and picked up the following 7"

Boris The Sprinkler - Drugs & Masturbation (3rd press on blue 1000 pressed. Fun goofey pop punk) $2.99
Boris The Sprinkler - Male Model $4.99
Down By Law - Punky Brewster (if you dont know this band, your missing out) $2.99
Everready - County Transit System (mutant pop. black. 1500 pressed) $2.99
For Sale - Bargain EP $1
Stripped Basstards - Lessons Learned $1
Nooner / Houseboy - split (clear. I already have this on pink) $3.99
Sidecar / Trigger Happy (fast music) $2.99
The 4-Squares / The Bollweevils - carol EP (dr strange records) $2.99

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