Wednesday, September 3, 2008

7 Seconds - Live: One Plus One LP (Giant 1987)

Here is an album I never hear when 7 Seconds is brought up. I believe the reason is because its a little different then the 7 seconds we all know and love. This album has mostly tracks from the Praise era and its a lot slower than the rest of their catalog. Its still really good! But I do think the old songs they did live (99 red balloons, walk together rock together) pretty much suck. Very slow and reggae type. Yuck. The rest of the album isnt too bad though.

PRESSING INFO: Pressed on Giant records in 1987. Its been out of print for years but isnt all that hard to find. I got my copy for $12 at Toms music trade in red lion. 12 tracks. I think only 1 pressing on black vinyl was pressed.

1. You Live and Die for Freedom
2. Siren
3. Catching
4. Praise
5. Somebody Help Me Scream
6. Opinion of Feelings
1. Trust
2. Calendar
3. Regress, No Way!
4. The Save Ourselves
5. Walk Together, Rock Together
6. 99 Red Ballons

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