Monday, September 15, 2008

Red Rover - Singles EP CD (2003)

Red Rover - Singles EP CD (2003)

Straight out of the New Jersey pop punk scene. Although they arrived after the explosion of pop punk in NJ, they still remained a staple. This isnt the type of super fast sloppy pop punk we all know from NJ, but a type of emo, pop punk mix that is really good. I saw them way back when at the Monroe Township building in mechanicsburg. I believe it was 2003. They were super nice guys and I ended up buying this and a yellow T-shirt.

PRESSING INFO: There are 4 songs on this EP. Each song was released as a single as well. So if you wanna be technical, there are 5 parts to this EP. Released in 2003 by themselves of course. I think around only 400 were pressed. I do know "Breathe" was released on a comp called "last nights great escape".

1. Myth Rock
2. Scream Machine
3. J-Vix Mega Mix
4. Breathe

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