Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Point Two - 203

I thought I would do my one month update on the most popular entries to me music blog. This time instead of a top 3, a top 5! In homage to High Fidelity

1. Magrudergrind - Religious Baffle (45)
2. V/A - Angus Soundtrack (34)
3. Green Day - Dookie Demos (25)
4. Riddlin Kids - EP (15)
5. Green Day - Eating My Bugers (11)

Now back to the blog. Here is one of the many pieces to my rare pop punk collection. This blog was mainly started to showcase hard to find and unknown pop punk bands. But it has grown to include all kinds of great music! I was doing a search on pop punk bands on interpunk one day and came across this release. I think it was $6. People compared it to new found glory and slick shoes. And since I love both those bands, I picked this up. And it did not disappoint. To me it sounds like a melodic cross between Blink 182 and slick shoes. If you like the old style pop punk that was released on tooth & nail records, and Drive thru back in the day, you will dig this!

The band also had 2 other releases that I know of before this one. 1.2 Brand New Demo, and Montezuma's Revenge Demo. Both of which I can't find anywhere.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Together Records in 2001. It was record in 1999. Hard to find, and I can't find any other info on it.

1. Roger, Roger
2. Idiot
3. Your Life Starts Tomorrow
4. I'm Number One
5. Piglet
6. Neo
7. Untitled bonus track


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Anonymous said...

hi, would you be able to re upload the album!? I had it long ago, but i lost the cd and its sold out at interpunk. I'm getting nostalgic for it! Any help is appreciated! Thanks a million.