Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ancient Chinese Secret - Caveat Emptor

ARTIST: Ancient Chinese Secret
TITLE: Caveat Emptor
LABEL: Slap A Ham Records #50
YEAR: 1999
GENRE: Powerviolence / Noisy Hardcore

Well here I am. I am back with the punk and hardcore entries. I picked the red vinyl version of this up at CI Records in Lancaster a few years back. I didn't know who it was, but at the time I was trying to complete the Slap A Ham Records discography. I ended up paying $5 for this. For a few years, I only thought it was released on red vinyl. Well its like a clear orange to be exact. I was Celebrated Summer in Towson MD one day and found a copy on black vinyl. Which I didnt even know existed. That was only $5 so I picked that up.

ACS is made up for Chris and Lydia Dodge, and a drummer. Chris Dodge was one of the singers of Spazz. His wife hated powerviolence, but still sang on this release. Its different I will say. Its powerviolence with just a bass, drums and sometimes keyboards. There are also some very weird instrumental tracks as well.

PRESSING INFO: Not sure how many were pressed. I have confirmed a clear orange vinyl, and a black vinyl release. The clear orange version is supposed to be harder to find. But I've seen it more often than the black vinyl version. I have also read that there is a clear swirl vinyl. But I have yet to confirm this.

1. Waiting For Doctor Bombay
2. A Nice Day
3. Moral Of The Story
4. ???
5. Hyper Liar
6. Obnoxious Fumes
7. The Overlook
1. The Basics
2. Outburst
3. Fight or Flight
4. Quiet For The Choirmaster
5. Needles Eye
6. The Candle Burns
7. A Passage Of Time

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Hey, I posted that A's live album on my blog. Check it out!