Friday, February 6, 2009

Mike Angelo & The Idols

ARTIST: - Mike Angelo & The Idols
TITLE: - Can't Stop Me / The World May Not Like Me
LABEL: - Hottrax AJ 15006
YEAR: - 1984
GENRE/STYLE: - Funk / Soul

If you couldnt tell by now, I am going through my record collection alphabetically. This way I wont get all confused as to which albums I've uploaded and which I havent. But if you have any request, send them my way!

Here is an underground release which should be a classic! And infact it might be. I just can't find anything about it. The a-side is an upbeat funk track which is pretty good. But the reason I posted this is because of the B-side! Its funky style soul with some pretty great lyrics. All you need to know is "fuck everybody". Give it a listen! And I promise to have more punk and hardcore coming up. This stuff is just too good to pass up though

PRESSING INFO: No idea actually. I cannot find anything about this release.

A - Can't Stop Me
B - The World May Not Like Me


Anonymous said...

dude! I have been searching for that song for about 25 years!!
you are my hero! I first heard it at a club called Spanky's on 103rd street in Jax FL...thank you way too much! :)

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

I am glad you found it! This is exactly why I started this blog. And you also made my day because I was going to retire the blog because I though nobody read it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to looking for this for a long time xcept i heard it in Jax Beach Thanks

Anonymous said...

I wrote this song in 1980. I am flattered that people remember it, but I find it ironic because it is one of the dumbest songs I ever wrote.

I had just come home from a jam session at Playground South, a benefit for something or other, where keyboardist Phil Price and I had been ruthlessly snubbed by a bunch of southern-rock wannabes. I was half-drunk and really angry and tossed it off in about 15 minutes. I was consciously trying to mix the styles of Rick James and Elvis Costello, and I think I sort of succeeded.

I cut the track in 1981 with Jimmy Dougherty (from the Alan Collins Band) on drums. He nailed it. We recorded it at Rick Grant's Homestead Studio in his garage on San Jose Blvd. in Jacksonville. I played guitar and bass, and recording engineer Ron Sciabarasi played the Farfisa you hear at the ending.

Three years later I talked Hottrax Records in Atlanta into releasing it, but I had to put up my own money for the pressing. We changed the title because the plant in Nashville would not touch it. We also moved the song to the B-side because, as Hottrax owner Alec Janoulis pointed out, pressing plants very rarely listened to B-sides when conducting quality checks. So we had to sneak this by the plant.

Hottrax pushed it around New York, and it landed us a gig at the Peppermint Lounge. But the real breakthrough was when Robert Nix (formerly of the Atlanta Rhythm Section) suggested I send a copy to his attorney, Joe Zynczak in New York. Zynczak was a substantial shareholder in CBS and passed it around to all his cronies. CBS Records CEO Walter Yetnikoff got a copy and played it during his keynote speech at the CBS convention in Honolulu in 1985. If you knew anything about Yetnikoff, you would understand. Tommy Mottola ordered an entire box of the single and gave copies to Daryl Hall & John Oates, who added it to their warm-up tape on their 1985 tour. Cyndi Lauper's husband, David Wolff, gave it to Rowdy Roddy Piper, who recorded a toned-down version on The Wrestling Album on Epic Records, which was produced by Rick Derringer. I got to meet both Derringer and Piper. I got some pretty respectable royalty checks from that album, which sold about 400,000 units.

Michael Fitzgerald aka "Mike Angelo"

Keith said...

I first heard this in about 1986 at a strip club in Atlanta called HOT SPOT where DJ Scott Freeman played it. I found 7 copies of it on 45 at record store called "Wax N Facts" and I bought all 7! Coincidentally I also bought the wrestling album and was shocked to hear it on there but with the lyrics "FOR EVERYBODY".

Keith Summers aka DJ 440

Anthony said...

Wow! I heard this in Philadelphia in 1990 and borrowed the 45 from the DJ and dubbed it to cassette tape. But I never wrote down the artist or song name. Now I at least have those. Anyone know where a MP3 or MP4 version is for sale?

barry said...

man if this dont take me back i work for the band and that song is the best

FloridaSteve said...

I fist heard this song at a little bar in Jax beach called Flories. Gooood times! What ever happened to Scotty and REX?

The Dude a.k.a Slow Jackson said...

You know...I am reading all the different times people first heard this song...and it trips me out. My dad was given a copy by a guy he was talking to at my baseball game at Murphy Candler park in Atlanta, GA in 1985. He just got to talking to a guy and they got to talking about music. Then the dude said I've got something for you; tell me what you think. He gave him the 45 and my dad never saw the guy again. When he was in the mood to play the B-Side, he would tell my sister and I to go outside and play.

One night he and my mom went out on a date and he had left it on the record player. My sister was baby sitting me and we decided to give it a listen and that became our "secret song". At 16 he decided to sit us down...and he introduced us to the song.

He passed away in 1999 but the 45 is still neatly stored in his huge mint record collection. We always assumed that some dude just cut a track and we were fortunate enough to have heard it before he went into sales or something. I'm stoked to know that there is a lot more than just the 4 of us to know this song.

And I can vouch...I remember the first time I heard Roddy Piper's version, I knew it! But I thought maybe Roddy did it first I was like 10 or 12 and didn't know any better.

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

This is exactly why I post long lost songs like these.

I suppose I can tell my story and how I got a hold of it and how it ended up on this blog. I actually bought a jukebox collection of 45's at an auction back in 2003 I believe in PA. I paid 2 bucks for the whole box of about 500 45s. All of them were 80's pop crap. I decided to give this one a spin because I had never heard it before. After the first listen this went right into my record collection.

Still wish I could find the picture sleeve!

Zombolic said...

Love the song! With this song playing in my head I've survived many a bad day at work! Does anyone know where I can buy a digital copy?

Anonymous said...

It's available on

Anonymous said...

It's available at amazon.

Shelly Rose Chapman said...
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Shelly Rose said...

Hi Guys! I have, in my possession, the original LP that "You May Not Like Me" aka "F*&k Everybody" was released on, and was autographed to me by all three band members. Back in JAX beach in the late '80's, I used to jump on stage with them to sing back ups and just raise hell with Mike & Co.! Good Times! I will post the LP (which, by the way, is the only vinyl I have bothered to keep other than my own recordings) on my own fan page - I can't seem to post the scans here. Feel free to copy and paste them and let me know what you think! It was awesome finding this great blog - am enjoying immensely! xoxo Shelly Rose

Shelly Rose Chapman said...
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