Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Alley Cats - Puddin' N' Tain 45rpm

Here is another not so punk entry. I love me some oldies, and it shows in my record collection. I love punk and hardcore. But I also love other music as well. This time you dont have to download it! Just hit play and listen.

Here is some doo wop released way back in the 60's. 1963 to be precise. The a-side is upbeat doo wop, and the b-side has a little bit of early soul in the mix. Puddin N Tain was reached #43 on the Billboard charts in 1963. Not a huge hit, but still a small one. Listen!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1963 on Philles Records. I'm pretty sure this is the only label variation.

A - Puddin N' Tain (Ask Me Again, I'll Tell You The Same)
B - Feel So Good

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