Saturday, February 14, 2009

Antiseen - Sabu 7"

ARTIST: Antiseen
LABEL: Steel Cage Records
YEAR: 2000

If you know punk rock, you probably have heard of Antiseen. Or Anti-Seen. However they decide to spell it these days. They are up there with J Church and NOFX as far as releases go. A ridiculous amount. I am not too big of a fan of theirs, but since I have a collection of records with wrestling covers, this was right up my alley

I picked this up at Double Decker Records last time I was there for $3.49. Its 2 songs and the B-side is a live version. I also uploaded their 7" "Dear Abby" a while back that you can download.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Steel Cage Records in 2000. I think it was only pressed on red vinyl. Live Things was recorded in 1997

1. Sabu
2. Live Things (Live 1997)

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