Monday, February 16, 2009

Her Candane - Could Be Nothing To Some CD

ARTIST: Her Candane
TITLE: Could Be Nothing To Some
LABEL: Sound vs Silence
YEAR: 2004
GENRE: Emotional Hardcore

I got this CD in one of those lots I used to buy off ebay for my distro. The lot had a ton of emo and indie in it from newer labels. And for a few bucks I got a TV sized box full of them! Most of them are long sold, but I have a few left.

I don't know much about Her Candane. Just that they were featured on some comps. I have read reviews about them being screamo. And I would label them as Emotional Hardcore, I would not put the screamo label on them.

1. Today I Ran Out Of Medication...
2. The New West Mexican Vowel
3. Trail Guides To The New Nowhere
4. Evolve Already!
5. Sex On Locust Ave.

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Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed the A's live album :)