Friday, February 20, 2009

Andy's Yellow Alligator - Gets Phat N' Stoopid 7"

Who here has been to Double Decker Records in Allentown PA? If you haven't your missing out majorly! That is without a doubt my favorite record store. They have a 50 cent room which I have gotten a TON of rare and awesome pop punk 7"s from. Here is one of them!

Andy's Yellow Alligator (better known as AYA) was a pop punk band out of Illinois. Well (like all these bands do) they broke up and Chris formed Showoff while drummer Tony Tintari went on to play in Shai Hulud (as well as on Rise Against's original demo).

The group recorded a demo tape in their basement called "Pastor of Muppets" a play on Metallica's Master of Puppets. AYA also appeared on the Underdog Records compilation LP "Achtung Drei" with a song called "12 Hour Julie." They also released a few split 7" records which will appear on the blog eventually! They played with bands such as Mr T. Experience, Slapstick, and Tuesday

The lead singer Chris also was momentarily in Fall Out Boy.

1. They Don't Like Us Anyway
2. Only Girl
3. Dork
4. Once More

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Jay said...

Holy Crap! I haven't heard this in over a decade. I had these tracks on a mix tape back in the day, awesome pop punk from the hey-day of pop punk.