Monday, February 23, 2009

Smackin' Isaiah - The Way To A Girl's Heart...CD

ARTIST: Smackin' Isaiah
TITLE: The Way to a Girl's Heart is Through Her Boyfriend's Stomach
LABEL: Tank Records
CATALOG #: 002
YEAR: 2000
PRESSING INFO: This was the first pressing on Tank Records in 2000. There was also a repressing on All About Records in 2003

You know Smackin' Isaiah. Don't lie to me! There is a pop punk forum that every now and then have some great and rare stuff for sale. The guy who ran Tank Records posted that he had a bunch of old label and distro stuff left over for sale. I bought this and a bunch of comps off the guy. I had heard Isaiah on an old Jumpstart Records comp I purchased at the Go Point in Hanover PA. Good Times

ANYWAYS Smackin' Isaiah ended up changing their name to A Whilhem Scream. And they still kick ass. This release is some wicked fast technical melodic punk rock. Its probably one of my favorite releases in my CD collection.

1. Wyoming State
2. Bowling
3. Which Is Worse?
4. Mob Life
5. Beer And Loafing In New Bedford
6. 1957
7. Mushmouth
8. Forget Her
9. September 9th
10. Shot
11. Bonus drunken live tracks

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