Friday, February 27, 2009

Brick - LD35 7"

LABEL: Flat End Records
YEAR: ??
PRESSING INFO: Black vinyl
GENRE: Thrash

Here is one I picked up through a record lot off of ebay. It was a lot of pop punk 7"s. And for some reason there was this. I couldnt find much information about Brick because their name is so generic. Its some OK thrash punk. The sound quality is kinda shitty but I know some people who frequent this blog will like this! So here ya go! They also have another 7" out as well.

And if anybody wants this 7" let me know. Or it goes to the record store.

1. Annoyed
2. Give Me Back
3. Slave
4. Exhale
5. On The Tracks
6. No Idea
7. Medicine
8. Hairpiece
9. Man
10. Bludgeon

1 comment:

Durandal1717 said...

Could you re-up this? Been looking for this release from Flat End for a long time