Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scallywagon - All We Can Afford Is A Smile CD

I am back once again for some more melodic pop punk! A few years ago I picked up a huge pop punk lot off of ebay. The only reason I bought it was because there was a lanemeyer CD in there I didn't have. I ended up winning 40 some CDs for around $6. Not too bad! Most of it was unknown and self released stuff. A lot of which went into my person collection and will eventually been seen in this blog.
OK OK back to Scallywagon. I think this band is from Kentucky. But I am not sure. Fast melodic pop punk similar to what was coming out of NJ back in the day. I love it, and you might to!

PRESSING INFO: Released on Whitehouse Records in 1998. I also uploaded a comp from Whitehouse called "Punk at 1600" which has Scallywagon on it. Its in an older post.

1. Turkey Tester
2. Us
3. All In All
4. My Big Toe
5. Anything But Me
6. Hot Diggity
7. Happy Day


Anonymous said...

you have seriously just made my life. i lost this cd 11 years ago and i have frantically been looking for it, omg this is amazing!!!

thanks a ton

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

I'm glad you found it! This is exactly why I made this blog.

Daniel said...

Could you re-up this?

Anonymous said...

Yes they were from Kentucky, specifically northern Ky. Pretty sure they all went to Scott High School in Kenton County, last I heard, Adam, the Scallywagon frontman is now with another NKY/Cincy band called Krinj.

Anonymous said...

adam was never the frontman, it was pat brown

Anonymous said...

And Adam was the only one to go to Scott High

zoobum said...

do you still have this album? or any for that matter? I can not find cd's anywhere. I have 4 songs from "all we can afford is a smile" and 5 songs from the 2002 album.


Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

I'll have to re-up this soon but it is in storage right now.

Anonymous said...

Can you email me when this is back up?

I would appreciate it