Monday, November 3, 2008

Espinine - Live CD (Self Released 2002)

AHHHH the good ole days. If you were a regular in the Hanover punk scene back in 2001-2003, you probably remember these guys. This may have been their only release but I am not 100% sure. So if anybody knows anything please let me know! Anyways this is some good shitty pop punk. I always use the term shitty pop punk, but not in a derogatory manner. To me shitty pop punk is the kind of fast pop punk where the band members cant play their instruments all that well. And personally, I LOVE IT. But this is some great pop punk with a bigwig cover.

The lead singer of this band now lives in DE and plays in a instrumental jamaican reggae band.

PRESSING INFO: self released in 2002. Probably only a few pressed.

Read the track listing above. There is also a bonus track on the end of the CD I included in the upload.

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