Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Magrudergrind - Religious Baffle CD (Self released 2003)

Another fast release here at the lost and found blog. Magrudergrind are from Bethesda Maryland and have been blasting brutal blast beat grindcore since 2002. This was their second release and it very difficult to find. For fans or relentless blast beat type grindcore. And unlike most grindcore, these guys have something to say with intelligent lyrics instead of the typical "i like blood and shit" grind lyrics.

PRESSING INFO: Self released in 2003. Their second release. Only 1000 pressed. Good luck finding it. Although you van hear this release on their discography CD.

1. The plastic cancer
2. Searved chunky blood instead of marinara sauce
3. Slave Labor in a Cup
4. My Left Hand (Japanese)
5. Spitting Up Sin
6. Stop Drop Sweatshop
7. Religious Baffle
8. The Fast One
9. Vomit Soup
10. Mylefthand (English)
11. War for Oil, Spill for Blood for Soil
12. bonus track

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