Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spazz / Lack of Interest - Double Whammy Split EP (six weeks records)

FLUXSKAPACITOR UPDATE!!!! The lead singer of fluxskapacitor just emailed me and said there were 2000 pressed of their CD. It was their first and only release.

Jake picked this up for me a few years ago at a show he went to in Philly. He paid $4 which is pretty cheap. Since I am trying to get everything spazz released, this is one step closer to getting there. Spazz blast out 6 short power violence songs as usual. Lack of interest focus more on the thrash and song structure and deliver the fastcore goods. Also there is a 20 minute live spazz set and I think about a 7 minute lack of interest set on the CD. This was released on vinyl as well.

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1997 on Six Weeks Records. 2000 pressed on CD. There were also 3 pressings on vinyl.

1. Satan's Scrilla
2. Socal Battle Royale
3. Gilman 90210
4. Short Songs
5. Doomriden'
6. Hey Bob, What's Up?

7. Mislead and Deranged
8. Rotgut
9. Family Massacre
10. Plastic Armor
11. Writing on the Wall
12. No More/Don't Tell Me
13. Spazz Live
14. Lack of Interest Live


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