Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle CD (Toxic Shock 1989)

Now here is a rare one! I love this CD. Its old school punk rock that is catchy as fuck. They appeared on one of the killed by death comps as well. I forget which one. I am hard up for money and ended up selling my copy for $28 on ebay. Not too bad when I started it at 99 cents. Like I said the CD copy is really hard to find and only comes up for sale once in a while. Anyways I decided to upload this for the people who cant afford the 28-30 bucks this CD usually goes for.

PRESSING INFO: 23 tracks on Toxic Shock Records. The LP is not that hard to find. But the LP version only has I believe 18 or 20 tracks. This CD however is a different story

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Anonymous said...

Crap---the link appears to be gone. Oh, and what a surprise--Rapidshare apparently deleted it. Rapidshare strikes again. Rapidshare SUCKS.