Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Buglite - Love and Other Sorrows CD (Onefoot Records)

Buglite - Love and Other Sorrows CD (Onefoot Records)

The first time I got introduced to this band was a few comps that I had. Then I ended up buying their split 7" with the Bouncing Souls. They also have a split with dustbunny, a 7" on mutant pop records and there is another split 7" which seems to slip my mind. I got this at City Lights Records in State College PA. It was in the 5 for $10 bin so I couldn't pass it up. I am a big fan of stuff on onefoot records. Its a really good CD and I think you should download it! Its pop punk, duh.

PRESSING INFO: Released on Onefoot records. Not sure how many were pressed but it seems to be pretty hard to find.

1. the grand chaunky
2. woodchuck
3. myself
4. leaves
5. watch
6. anymore
7. once again
8. glance
9. just a dream
10. there i go again
11. shooting star
12. Sarah and me
13. I remember


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Cory Landerkin said...

can you re-up buglite love and other sorrows album for dl, the link is dead.