Friday, October 24, 2008

V/A - Living in Fear CD (Ransom Note Recordings 1996)

V/A - Living In Fear CD (Ransom Note Recordings 1996)

I usually remember where I got all my CD's and records. And how much I paid for them. But this one escapes me completely. All I know is that I bought it because I love comps. This one seems to be hard to find, which I don't understand because there is a good amount of popular bands. At least around 1996. The best songs are the queers, capitalist casualties, and rhythm collision. Overall a really good comp if you can find it.

PRESSING INFO : Released in 1996 on Ransom Note Recordings. 20 total tracks. This particular one is a promo release because there is a hole punched through the bar code. There is no distinction other than that between a promo and a stock release.

read the back cover above.


stogref said...

Hey Jeff, i would love to hear this one, so if you could upload it again i'd much apreciate. Thanks 4 caring and cheers from France! ;)

Posi Jeff the Record Guy said...

I would love to upload this again, but I no longer have it! Sorry!