Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fluxskapacitor - Self Titled CD (Self released 1996)

Fluxskapacitor - Self Titled CD (1996)

I never got to see this band live or anything of that sort. In fact I bought a big lot of used CD's off ebay in order to get a lanemeyer CD and a few comps and this came along with it. It's pretty good. I wouldn't rate it up there with the best ska around, but its still worth a listen!

PRESSING INFO: I found the guy who founded this band and sent him an email asking for pressing info. I havent recieved any info yet but I will let everybody know in a future post possibly. Self released in 1996.

1. Pete The Hook Handed Skanker
2. Toys are Us
3. Big Guys are Cool
4. Recessa Annie
5. Crisis Situation
6. Dave

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Anonymous said...

I found this post while searching for any kind of information or MP3s or anything from this band. I had this album on tape when I was a kid and grew up listening to it so much that I wore the damn thing out. So when I found this, I got super excited (especially with the link to rapidshare), but was a little saddened when the rapidshare link was down.

Any chance I could beg you to put it back up? I would love to hear it again, after all these years.