Friday, October 17, 2008

The Presidents - Lump CD (Sony 1999)

The Presidents of the United States of America - Lump CD (Sony 1999)

This is sort of a best of release. Although I would have chose more songs than this. If you don't know me, this is the band that got me into music. So naturally, one of my favorites as well. And the first band that I tried to get everything they ever released. And I'm pretty close! I just need a few super rare pieces and I'm set. Keep and eye out in this blog and I will post A LOT of rare stuff by this band. Anyways the best songs on this release are volcano, japan, and back porch. Cleveland Rocks was the theme song for the drew carey show for sometime.

PRESSING INFO: Released on sony music special products in 1999. Hundreds of thousands pressed. So not really "lost and found". I just want to showcase some rare pieces in my PUSA collection..haha

1. Lump
2. Volcano
3. Video Killed The Radio Star
4. Japan
5. Dune Buggy
6. Kick Out The Jams
7. Tiki God
8. Back Porch
9. Mach 5
10. Cleveland Rocks.

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Thaks a lot for the covers