Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Sellouts - Demo CDr

Face of the CDr

First off I would like to say something about this blog and the lack of updates. I have A TON of vinyl records I want to upload. But my record player is busted right now. Thats the main reason for the lack of updates. So for the next couple of days, I will be posting CDs until I get the turntable fixed..

Anyways...No this is not a bootleg copy that I stole off of somebody. I saw this band a couple of years ago at the monroe township building in mechanicsburg. They were pretty good. And this is what they were selling. I think it was $1 or $2. I am not sure. I found their old site on the internet archive, but could not find much about this release or the band. If my mind serves me right, there was 4 people in this band.

I remember hearing that they were playing on the radio live I think in Wilkes Barre back around the time I saw them. If anybody has info on that show please contact me.

PRESSING INFO: UMMMM no idea! I do know that when I bought this, there was different colored sleeves to chose from. Since my favorite color is green, I bought this. This is an official release, and I have no idea how many where pressed.

TRACK LISTING: There was no track listing that came with this. There are 4 songs.


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