Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Unsung Zeros - Fading Out EP (Distant Rise Records 2001)

Unsung Zeros - Fading Out EP CD

As much as I want to post some 7" records and the such, alas, the turntable is still broken. But I do not have a shortage of hard to find and out of print CDs to share with everybody.

The unsung zeros are a pop punk band out of Mt. Dora Florida. They did have a following back in the day when they toured with the pop punk scene. A lot of their stuff is still available. This EP has been out of print for years, and isnt all that hard to find. Although you will have to look in order to find it. 5 tracks including a Genesis cover.

PRESSING INFO: Released in 2001 on Distant Rise Records. There website doesnt exist anymore and I couldnt find it in the archives. So I dont know how many were pressed.

1 Fading Out
2. Day in Day Out
3. lose it all
4. invisible touch
5. postcards home


Anonymous said...

Haha, I remember seeing these guys at Dillsburg Fire Hall around '01-'02, I think with Digger. I know I picked up one of their records, I don't think it was this one, but it definately had that cover on it, which I totally forgot about 'til now!

june! said...

Re-up please