Sunday, November 30, 2008

V/A - This is Bad Taste Volume 2 CD

Bad Taste Records was a melodic punk label base out of Sweden. They release a good bit of releases and they are still around. It's basically the Fat Wreck Chords of Sweden. Here is a comp that is still in print but unavailable in the United States as far as I know. And with shipping from Sweden, this comp is gonna set you back a good chunk of change. So here it is! I bought this at a record store called "City Lights Records" in State College PA. $3.99 for a OOP promo CD is a little steep, but I love comps so I couldn't pass it up. This comp has melodic punk, thrash, surf and straight up punk all in one.

PRESSING INFO: Released in I think 1998-1999 on Bad Taste Records from Sweden. This is a the promo only version.

1. The Almighty Trigger Happy - Blood Red and Forever Blue
2. Langhorns - Tierra Del Fuego
3. Astream - Meeting by the Crossroads
4. Misconduct - Another Time
5. Turtlehead - Ruin My Day
6. Intensity - Silence = Consent
7. Last Days of April - Fly Catching
8. Pridebowl - 500 People Wide
9. Satanic Surfers - Think Positive
10 Astream - Jumps. Giggles and Shouts
11. Misconduct - Two Friends
12. Turtlehead - Brass Arse Margaret
13. Everyday Madness - Talkshow
14. Last Days of April - Heads or Tails
15. Intensity - Exist
16. The Almighty Trigger Happy - Meathook
17. Pridebowl - Welcome
18. 88 Fingers Louie - Smart Enough to Run
19. Langhorns - Fuzzball
20. I Spy - Half the Population
21. Weakerthans - Diagnosis
22. But Alive - Jemand Lief Amok Auf Der Mayday

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