Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eyes Shut - What It's All About CD

First off I would like clarify what this blog is about. It is about showscasing bands and music that may have been either ignored in the past, or is out of print and hard to find. Somebody asked me to post the new off with their heads album. I DO NOT and WILL NOT post music that is still easily available. The bands and labels work their asses off and deserve all the money they can get. So go support them. And in that not, the new MINDSET album is on pre-order. So I recomend you go get that!

Here is a release I think most of you will enjoy. 95% of my collection consists of pop punk and some thrash. But I also have some hardcore in there. I like my hardcore fast, posi, and did I mention fast? OK I think you get the point. I like the old school style hardcore. the chugga chugga metal influenced hardcore sucks balls. Anyways this band is from Germany and play some great old school influenced hardcore. Fast, posi and the way hardcore should be!

PRESSING INFO: Released in 1998 on Keep it Alive Records out of Germany. Not many pressed, and thats a shame because it is such a good album.

1. Still Here
2. Together
3. Wake Up Call
4. Time Moves On
5. Vision
6. What It's All About
7. Bonus track


Ev said...

yo, jeff. it's ev. i check this blog all the time and i've found some pretty awesome music as a result. i'm downloading this album as we speak. thanks for the plug too!

Jose Ezequiel said...

Hey man, Im late. Please re-up eyes shut, i have a old tape with this ripped from the vinyl version, great record.

Great Blog Man... Good Collection

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

I'll re-up this album this weekend. Thanks for reading!

Jose Ezequiel said...

Thanks Dude! Greetings From El Salvador

Anonymous said...

Re Up Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoNa said...

please reup!!!!!

Anonymous said...

please reup #3!! thanx