Monday, November 24, 2008

Brazilia - Pants Tight: Arms Crossed CD

I really need to buy a stylus for my record player. Well at least the USB one I use to upload records on here. So until then you are stuck with all CD's. Which is still good because I have a ton of rare and out of print ones I want everybody to hear.

These guys came out of the screamo scene back in the day. If you remember bands like five stars for failure, stars and revolution, and bailey park, Brazilia is right up your alley. Artsy screamo with a good bit of singing. I got this in a huge pop punk lot I bought off of ebay 4 years ago. Can't seem to find another copy. They also released another full length and a 7" which you will see on future entires. My favorite songs are Punctual and shiver

PRESSING INFO: Released on Braeburn Records in 2001. I don't think either the label or the band is still around.

1. Metal Makes a Bear Grow
2. Superhero
3. House by the Sea
4. Punctual
5. Honeycomb
6. Insects
7. Shiver
8. Safe and Warm
9. June Bug

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