Friday, December 12, 2008

Drunk in Public - Tapped Out CD

Another note about this blog, I will be re-posting some old blog entries sometime soon. Just because I deleted the the first few and I have had people asking for them. And since I've been keeping track in the last few post of how many downloads I get, Here is the top 3

1. Magrudergrind - Religious Baffle CD (11)
2. TIE with Jettison - Search for the Gun Girl CD (6) and Green Day - Dookie Demos (6)
3. Riddlin' Kids - Any Day Now EP CD (4)

And now to the real entry! Next week I will be getting a new stylus for my USB turntable. Thank god. Here is a CD that is in my top 5 favorites. I fucking love this album. Its got everything. It fast, its catchy as fuck, and its some of the best pop punk I have ever heard. Good luck finding this. I ended up paying $27.50 for it off ebay. And I have never seen another copy. Well there is one on amazon, but its $99. Fuck that! Anyways I recomend everyday, just you and me, and heidi

PRESSING INFO: Release in 1996 on Fearless Records. Yes the same Fearless that releases that god awful "punk goes whatever" series. There couldnt have been many pressed.

1. The Way He Feels
2. Promise to Trust
3. Enemies
4. Meaningless
5. Everyday
6. Don't Give Up
7. Cowboy Blues
8. XLR-8
9. Just You And Me
10. Heidi
11. Drifting Away
12. Something Changed
13. Looking Back
14. Shades of Grey
15. Till' The End

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