Sunday, December 7, 2008

V/A - Punk at 1600 CD (1997)

First off I wanna pimp a site called One of my hobbies is being a discographer. You know, trying to catalog every music release out there. To me its a lot of fun. And this site has sooooo many release. I think to this day I have added close to 500 releases.

I honestly do not remember where I got this CD. I have no clue whatsoever. So there goes the history part of it. If you are familiar with plan-it X releases, and the cheap way they do it, thats how this is packaged. It's a great idea, but can be annoying at times. This comp covers pop punk, ska, hardcore and straight up punk. Its a pretty good comp and I've never seen any other release by a lot of these bands. If you can find it for a few dollars, buy it.

PRESSING INFO: Release on Whitehouse Records in 1997. There was 1000 of these pressed.

1. Scallywagon - My World
2. The Enkindels - Florida Trash
3. Saturday Supercade - Anything is Fine
4. The Dangers - Room 1024
5. Short Millie - 9-5
6. Cherub Scourge - Motivate You
7. Restraint - Thanks for the Inspiration
8. Left Out - Why?
9. Pincushion - Somedaze
10. Railslide - Reminiscence
11. The Dastardlys - I'm Better Than You
12. Slam Impaired - Your Mistake
13. Operation Cliff Clavin - A Bomb and a Plan
14. Peanucle - All Punks Got

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