Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Gunga Dins - Medio-Core! CD

The Gunga Dins! were a band out of IL in the 90's. I picked this up at megatronix in york, not knowing what it was. I took it home and listened to it and was surprised to hear some really good sloppy pop punk. Next time I went back to Megatronix, I found another copy for 99 cents so I picked it up. I think this was their only pop punk release. I also have a 7" by this band and its some really good thrashcore. I believe after this, they started playing all thrash. This CD is really hard to find so if you want a copy, I have an extra I can sell for $1 or we can trade!

PRESSING INFO: Self released in 1998. Probably only a few hundred pressed.

1. GM3
2. I Hate the Group
3. Numbers
4. Nothing to Fear
5. Pause
6. Mr Fantastic
7. Nag
8. Virgin Whore
9. Why I'm Such An Asshole All The Time
10. Frustration
11. Fade Away
12. Untitled
13. She's The One
14. Foolish Games (originally by Jewel)
15. Astrozombies (The Misfits)
16. Dorkriot.


leo said... can i buy this one ??
i'm in florida...

Posi Jeff The Record Guy said...

Sorry! I've since sold my extra copy

chris said...

everything the gunga dins ever recorded is available for free at, enjoy!