Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pictures Can Tell - Everyday CD 2000

ARTIST: Pictures Can Tell
TITLE: Everyday
LABEL: Braeburn Records
YEAR: 2000
GENRE: Indie / Emo

Before I go into detail, a band member of The Bad Boys left a comment on one of my blogs! Here is what he had to say. Thank you for leaving a comment and leaving some information about your band!!:
"Charlie Daniels was the energetic force, the bassist and producer of both sides of this recording. The drummer was Danny Conway, the vocalist and keyboardist was Gary St.Clair and I, Demetri Callas, was the guitarist. The songs were recorded at Sambo studio, Louisville, KY, in '66. The instruments played (for those who may care to know) were a 1951 Fender Precision bass, a Lowery organ, and a 1953 Fender Esquire guitar plugged into a Fender Bassman 'Piggy-back' amp head. Charlie connected a cable from the speaker output on the Fender amp directly to a channel in the studio mixing console. No fuzztone devices were used; the guitar distortion/overload was a natural occurrence.
The bass solo on 'Black Olives' may be the only bass solo ever recorded by Charlie Daniels. The 'Olives' recording was to be the 'B' side of the disc. It took approximately ten minutes to record it. Charlie said 'play a riff......any riff', and we did.
Danny Conway took his life in '87. Gary St.Clair is still active in the music biz....produced a smash hit in the '90s ('I Swear' /All4One)....has his own indie label (Dynatone Records) and a first class recording studio in CA. Charlie Daniels attained the stardom he so rightfully deserved after having devoted many years of his life helping others advance their musical careers.
I, Demetri Callas, still play occasionally and communicate with Gary and Charlie whenever possible.
The Bad Boys changed their name to Flavor and recorded for Columbia Records in the '60s. Gary St.Clair recorded a remarkable, self-titled solo album in 1970 (ABC Paramount label). The album features Gary's inimitable vocal ability.
In 2007, Sony Records procured the master recordings created by Flavor for Columbia Records (1968-1969). Sony issued a CD entitled 'Flavor'...Sally Had A Party'. The CD is available on eBay and from various other sources. It, too, features Gary St.Clair's soulful singing."

Pictures Can Tell were a 4 piece band from...well I don't know. I had gotten this album (more of an EP) from a huge indie lot of CD's I purchased off of ebay a few years back. Lots of tracking this band down has come up fruitless. Unfortunately I don't have any other information about this band.

5 tracks if indie music that is good for a rainy day. Some of the songs drag on much more than what I like (some almost 7 minutes), but it makes a good driving CD.

1. Everydays Diseases
2. More Than That
3, The Best To Bring Me Down
4. Wash Our Hands And Walk Away
5. She Remembers


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you mention Gary St. Clair. My friend Ralph Bryan (who unfortunately passed away in 2003 from brain cancer) played guitar on his first self-titled Paramount album, and I was the photographer for the band while they lived in a house on Sunset in 1969. I was there all summer while they rehearsed the songs for that album. Gary is a great guy, and we had some fun times (and trips). I'm glad that album is on CD now and I just ordered it from ebay.

Sonic Titan said...

Hi, can you re-upload this, the link is dead.

Sonic Titan said...
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