Monday, August 24, 2009

Record excursion weekend in Philly

I will be posting another Boris the Sprinkler 7" later on today. But until then, here is some stuff I found in Philly this weekend.

First off I saw 2 of the best shows I've seen in some time. Saturday at the troc in Philly I saw None More Black, 7 Seconds and of course the Bouncing Souls. None more black was pretty good. Although I had higher expectations for them. 7 Seconds was amazing. I havent seen them and I've always been a huge fan. Still great to see Kevin Seconds tearing it up at his age. Of course the bouncing souls were amazing as always.

Sunday I saw Tim Barry, Lifetime and the Bouncing Souls. This was the first time I had heard Tim Barry. I thought he did a great set. I will be picking up his releases in the future for sure. Lifetime just blew me away. And they played Young, Loud and Scotty, and Northbound Breakdown so I'm a happy camper. The souls put on the best set I have ever seen. TONS of energy and they played all my favorites. My god what a great weekend.

Here is what I picked up from the various record stores in philly

Buzzcocks - Songs in a Different Time (bootleg recording from 1995) $4.00
NOFX - Punk in Drublic (I had this CD a couple of years ago but lost it. I think this is their berst album) $5.99
V/A - Pick It Up (ska comp from 1995 with rudiments, DHC, less than jake and more. 23 tracks.) $1.99
V/A - Shut The Punk Up! Volume 1 (27 track comp with spare lead, hospital food, falling sickness....) $4.99

Buford - S/T (black vinyl. 1996) $1.99
Cringer - Life In Europe (black vinyl. another release in my attempt to complete my Crigner / J Church collection) $3.00
Kungfu Rick - Statues To Stones, Soldiers to Bones (gloom records on white) $1.99
Oblivion - Full Blow Grover (1993. Black vinyl) $0.98
Reckless Kelly - S/T (looks pop punk. Havent listened to it yet) $0.25
The Bouncing Souls - 20th Anniversary Series Volume 1 (Red splatter vinyl. I bought this at the show on Sunday) $5.00
The Bouncing Souls - 20th Anniversary Series Volume 3 (Green Splatter Vinyl) $5.00
The Load Levelers - A Half Step Flat (1999. Black vinyl. I dont know who this is. But for 25 cents, fuck it. It might be good.) 25 cents
The Monkees - I'm A Believer / Steppin' Stone (picture sleeve only)
Buford / Loose Change - Split (another one of those rare pop punk 7" splits I never knew existed!) $1.99
Kungfu Rick / Curtainrail - Split (Black on 625 thrashcore.) $1.99

Kid Dynamite - Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems (clear yellow vinyl) $16.99
Plow United - Goodnight Sellout! (I didnt know this was released on vinyl. So when I saw this, I was pretty excited.) $6.99
Shook Ones - The Unquatable AMH (black vinyl. Jake gave me this)
The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound (Black Vinyl. Lets hope this lives up to its hype) $16.99
V/A - Pebbles Volume 3 (Original pressing 1979. Rare acid garage) $10.00
V/A - Rare Rockers From Small 1950's Labels (18 tracks of super rare 50s rock and roll) $7.98
V/A - Today Brooklyn, Tomorrow the World (rare comp from the 80's. Power pop and Mod style punk) $1.98
V/A - The World's Worst Records! (wierd and rare out there 45's on a compilation) $6.98