Friday, August 28, 2009

Boris The Sprinkler - Kill The Ramones 7"

ARTIST: Boris The Sprinkler
TITLE: Kill The Ramones / Kill The Sex Pistols
LABEL: Junk Records
YEAR: 1996
PRESSING INFO: Pressed on clear vinyl, and red vinyl

Here is the Boris the Sprinkler 7" I promised on Monday, but of course never delivered. I believe I bought this at Celebrated Summer Records in Towson MD. Although my memory of this release is sketchy at best. Most likely I only paid a few bucks for it. I don't get the joke, but it's a really good 2 song 7".

I have the red vinyl version (as seen in the pictures). There is also a clear vinyl version that seems to be harder to find.

1. Kill The Ramones
2. Kill The Sex Pistols


jeffen said...

Yay Boris. Sure he's not a great tunesmith but Rev. Norb's songs are catchy and funny.

Dirtsailor said...

These guys always delivered a great live show. Growing up in Wisconsin, i had the luxury of seeing Boris play live many times.