Sunday, August 30, 2009

Arcade Academy - Demo '05 CD

ARTIST: Arcade Academy
TITLE: Demo '05
LABEL: Not on a label
YEAR: 2005
PRESSING INFO: Self released CDr. Probably around 100 pressed or so.

Arcade Academy was the brainchild of Mike Doyle (formally of Lanemeyer). And since I am terrible at writing biographies, here is what their website says..

Arcade Academy is the brainchild of ex-Lanemeyer frontman/ex-fat kid, Mike Doyle. Upon his glorious return to NJ from his exile in California (after Lanemeyer's demise) he recorded 3 demo songs and got down to the business of putting together a new band. After some lineup changes, a seemingly endless parade of guitar players and an accordion section that never really panned out - the current lineup was solidified. Steve Jaworski of LWL and Jettison fame sings back up, plays guitar and does some crazy kung fu style leg kicks. Sean Bergin formerly of Day at the Fair and September Sky (whatever happened to those guys?) tries (poorly) to play the bass and write lame band bios. Dan Ryan, a part time Ben Gibbard impersonator and our resident ladies' man, hits the skins and consumes wine coolers like they're going out of style. We've got some shows in the not too distant future as well as some new whore- inspired songs that Doyle swears are the best shit he's ever written. I tend to believe him, so thanks to the whore for the inspiration! We hope you like what you hear.

Arcade Academy play some catchy emo style pop punk. Check it out!

1. Welcome to the Homestretch
2. So Far No Good
3. One Million More
4. No Rewind
5. Diner Parking Lots


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