Sunday, August 2, 2009

V/A - What'd You Expect For Free? Volume 8 CD

Skratch Magazine has been around for ages. 12 years to be exact. The unfortunate part about that is, not many people have heard of this wonderful punk mag. They would also issue quarterly CD compilations and give them out for free. Hence the name of the comp! I also believe they are working on their 50th CD comp.

Although the magazine has gone mostly digital (along with the comps), its still a good read. I am also looking for all of their CD comps for my collection. This is the only one I have!

About 7 years ago, there was a venue in Hanover PA called The Go Point. Which was in the basement of the Moose. I saw The Commercials there and they were selling this CD for $3. Yea I didn't think they should have been selling it, but I'm a comp guy. And for 39 bands that's still pretty cheap. I tried peeling the price sticker off and well what you see is what you get. 39 songs of hardcore, ska, emo and pop punk. A lot of unsigned bands I would love to hear more about. If you have any info on the bands from this comp (except goldfinger, link 80, luckie strike, the commercials) let me know.

6000 copies pressed and given away to the bands and subscribers.


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Anonymous said...

Haha, I was in Role Reversal. Forgot about this. I think our old myspace is still up if you want to hear that shit. The singer is now in a band called Slam Dunk, the drummer is in the Post Teens (both in Indiana), and I'm in a band called Neighbor in Austin, TX.