Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hellnation - At War With Emo 5" (Slapaham Records)

At last! I just got my new stylus for my USB turntable in the mail! Now lets see if I can break it again. Blah. This is a repost. I think this was my first entry actually, and I couldnt figure out how to upload the whole album. So I ended up uploading each individual track. Bad idea. So here it is again. This time you can download the whole thing. I did not seperate each track because some of them blended together. Wicked fast power violence!

PRESSING INFO: Pressed on Slap-a-ham Records. #38. There were 6 test pressings and I've never seen one. My copy is on black which is the most common. There is also a yellow pressing (mailorder edition) and a yellow & black swirl which seems to be pretty rare.

Side A
1. Think Before You Act
2. Trapped
3. Heirloom
4. Stagnate

Side B
1. A Song About Crusties
2. Get Out
3. Too Punk, Too Drunk
4. Not Me (Origianlly by SOB)

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